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Obama's Attorney General Meets With Bill Clinton Amid... : NPR
AttorneyGeneral Loretta Lynch, BillClinton Met Amid Email Investigation. Listen · 2:38 2:38.

Bill Clinton - HISTORY
Clinton was born WilliamJeffersonBlythe III on August 19, 1946, in Hope, Arkansas. He was the only child of Virginia Cassidy Blythe (1923-94) and traveling salesman William

Bill Clinton, Attorney General Loretta Lynch Meet on... - Breitbart
AttorneyGeneral Loretta Lynch met privately with President BillClinton on a private plane. A source tipped off the local ABC affiliate about the brief

Bill clinton attorney general video
Janet Reno, the former US attorneygeneral under President BillClinton, died following a long battle with Parkinson's disease.

C'mon, man. Attorney General holds private meeting with Bill Clinton
AttorneyGeneral Loretta Lynch had a special visitor on her plane and it was none other than former President BillClinton. Are you kidding me?

Bill Clinton Should Know Better Than to Meet With Attorney General...
US AttorneyGeneral Loretta Lynch reportedly met privately with former President BillClinton on Monday evening on board her aircraft at

Hillary Grilled By FBI After Bill Clinton's 'Inappropriate... - Radar Online
Hillary Clinton was grilled by the FBI Saturday following what experts are calling an an inappropriate meeting between her husband and the

Was Bill Clinton Plea Bargaining With The Attorney General?
When BillClinton and AttorneyGeneral Loretta Lynch met privately Monday in her jet in Phoenix, Arizona, some speculate he may have been pleading for his wife who is under investigation by the FBI and the Department of Justice. But the former president may also have been pleading for himself.

Bill Clinton, Attorney General Lynch Met Privately at... - Fortune
BillClinton and AttorneyGeneral Loretta Lynch Met Privately at Phoenix Airport.

Hillary Clinton claims Bill and Attorney General... - Daily Mail Online
'Hindsight is 20/20': Irked Hillary insists bumbling Bill did not discuss politics with AttorneyGeneral in

Attorney General Loretta Lynch Meets With Bill Clinton
Why is AttorneyGeneral Loretta Lynch sneaking in a meeting with the husband of a criminal who may be indicted soon?

Attorney General Lynch has private meeting with Bill Clinton
AttorneyGeneral Loretta Lynch met privately with former President BillClinton in Arizona on Tuesday, but Ms. Lynch told reporters that the

David Axelrod scolds Bill Clinton for 'foolish' meeting with Attorney...
President Obama's former senior adviser David Axelrod slammed BillClinton and AttorneyGeneral Loretta Lynch over their meeting earlier this week

Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Bill Clinton Met Amid... - WBUR News
AttorneyGeneral Loretta E. Lynch speaks at a June 22 news conference in Washington. An unscheduled meeting between the U.S. attorneygeneral and former President BillClinton at an airport in Phoenix on Monday could present some unwanted political problems for both.

EXCLUSIVE: Was Bill Clinton Plea Bargaining With The Attorney...
When BillClinton and AttorneyGeneral Loretta Lynch met privately Monday in her jet in Phoenix, Arizona, some speculate he may have been pleading

Why did Bill Clinton meet with Attorney General? - CBS News
A private meeting between BillClinton and AttorneyGeneral Loretta Lynch is being called "inappropriate." CBS News' Paula Reid explains how this could impact the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

'What on earth were you thinking?': Attorney general grilled over...
AttorneyGeneral Loretta Lynch expressed regret Friday for meeting with BillClinton earlier this week, adding that doing so had "cast a shadow" on the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

GOP lawmakers grill attorney general over Clinton emails, get few...
The U.S. AttorneyGeneral briefly spoke on the Clinton investigation but instead chose to focus on the recent police-involved shootings in the country.

U.S. attorney general to accept FBI findings in Clinton email probe
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. AttorneyGeneral Loretta Lynch, seeking to tamp down a firestorm over meeting with former President BillClinton, said on Friday she will accept the recommendations of career prosecutors and the FBI director on whether to charge Hillary Clinton for mishandling emails.

Was Bill Clinton Plea-Bargaining With The Attorney General?
When BillClinton and AttorneyGeneral Loretta Lynch met privately Monday in her jet in Phoenix, Arizona, some speculate he may have been pleading for his

US Attorney General Loretta Lynch investigating Hillary Clinton...
BillClinton's private jet was cleared for takeoff and was taxiing toward the active runway at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport when a Secret

Janet Reno, attorney general during Waco, Bill Clinton... - CBC News
Former U.S. AttorneyGeneral Janet Reno is shown on April 13, 2004, testifying during the 9/11 hearings regarding information within the

US Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Bill Clinton meet... - The Coli
PHOENIX - Amid an ongoing investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of email and hours before the public release of the Benghazi report, US AttorneyGeneral Loretta Lynch met privately with former President BillClinton.

Janet Reno, Attorney General Under Bill Clinton, Dead at 78
The first female U.S. attorneygeneral is remembered for candor, integrity, and the roles she played in the Waco debacle and prosecution of the

What Bill Clinton Did With Attorney General Lynch Is So Outrageous...
BillClinton's private meeting with U.S. attorneygeneral Loretta Lynch is disturbing nearly everyone, even progressives. They met privately on a plane

Bill O'Reilly: President Obama Pressured Attorney General Not To...
BILL O'REILLY (CO-HOST): Truth is, Elijah Cummings and other Democrats do not want to know the truth, do not want justice to take place. And that holds true for the President of the United States, Barack Obama, as well. Based on reporting by Fox News and other agencies, Talking Points has.

After Bill Clinton Met With Attorney General, DOJ Delays Release of...
Just days after BillClinton met privately with AttorneyGeneral Loretta Lynch in her jet in Phoenix, Arizona, Department of Justice officials announced

Attorney General Will Defer To F.B.I. In Investigation Of Hillary...
AttorneyGeneral Loretta Lynch will essentially recuse herself from making a decision about indictments in the investigation of Hillary Clinton's

Bill Clinton/Attorney General Meeting... - The Sleuth Journal
BillClinton/AttorneyGeneral Meeting Constitutes Likely Obstruction Of Justice.

How long Bill Clinton was attorney general of Arkansas
WilliamJefferson (Bill) Clinton was the 40th, January 9, 1979 toJanuary 19, 1981, and 42nd, January 11, 1983 to December 12, 1992,governor of Arkansas.

Bill Clinton Summons Attorney General Lynch To His Private Jet...
BillClinton was about to depart Phoenix Sky Harbor in his private jet when he learned the AttorneyGeneral was inbound and on final approach.

Bill Clinton just made a lot of trouble for Loretta Lynch... -
On Monday, BillClinton and AttorneyGeneral Loretta Lynch had what has been described as a chance meeting at the Phoenix Airport, where the former president allegedly held back his private jet on the tarmac to wait to board Lynch's government plane to hold a 30-minute meeting that was described.

What Was the Real Reason Loretta Lynch Met With Bill Clinton At...
.US AttorneyGeneral, that would be the hopelessly compromised Loretta Lynch, had a very private and impromptu meeting with former president BillClinton

Bill Clinton Meets With Attorney General Loretta... - RealClearPolitics
Former President BillClinton spoke to AttorneyGeneral Loretta Lynch for about 30 minutes Tuesday on the tarmac of an airport in Phoenix.

Pete Olson said Bill Clinton basically told Loretta... - PolitiFact Texas
Says that BillClinton "basically" told then-AttorneyGeneral Loretta Lynch in 2016 that "we killed Vince Foster."

Judicial Watch Sues DOJ for Records on Airport Meeting Between Bill...
.President BillClinton and then-AttorneyGeneral Loretta Lynch in her airplane, a meeting that occurred while the FBI was investigating Hillary Clinton's

Bill Clinton Timeline - Arkansas Attorney General
BillClinton Timeline Timeline Description: BillClinton was the 42nd American president. His time in office was considered prosperous, with low inflation and high employment

Bill Clinton Also Mass-Fired US Attorneys
AttorneyGeneral Janet Reno today demanded the prompt resignation of all United States Attorneys, leading the Federal prosecutor in the District of Columbia to suggest that the order could be tied to his long-running investigation of Representative Dan Rostenkowski, a crucial ally of President Clinton.

Ex-Attorney General Loretta Lynch says infamous... - NY Daily News
Former AttorneyGeneral Loretta Lynch downplayed her infamous tarmac meet with BillClinton as mere "small talk" during an interview that aired Monday night. Lynch, who oversaw the Justice Department's investigation into Hillary Clinton's private email server at the time.

Atty. Gen. Loretta Lynch defends meeting with Bill Clinton amid email...
Atty. Gen. Loretta Lynch has spent the past two days fending off questions about her private meeting on a government jet with former President BillClinton, whose wife's use of a personal email server while serving as secretary of State is being investigated by the Justice Department.

Attorney General Meets Privately With Bill Clinton Inside Private Jet
The Clinton campaign had no comment on what kind of conversation took place inside the private jet as it sat on the tarmac of Sky Harbor

Bill Clinton Holds 'Private' Meeting With Loretta Lynch... - Zero Hedge
Clinton saw the attorneygeneral and wanted to say hello, so Clinton boarded Lynch's plane to talk for a bit. Sure, just a quick chat about the weather, his putting stroke, anything except oh, say, an update on what was about to be released on Benghazi, and especially not an update on the ongoing FBI.

Bill Clinton Meets Privately with Attorney General to... - The Stream
BillClinton met with AttorneyGeneral Loretta Lynch Tuesday on a plane in Phoenix. Lynch insists her investigation into the Clinton's was not discussed.

Comey: Loretta Lynch's Private Meeting With Bill Clinton... - US News
The attorneygeneral's meeting with BillClinton in late June forced the FBI to distance itself from the Justice Department, the bureau's director said.