Difference between mig welding and tig welding

Difference Between MIG and TIG (MIG vs TIG) - What is TIG welding?
The article discusses more about TIGweldingandMIGwelding, Compares TIG vs MIG and distiquish the differencesbetweenTIG and MIG.

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MIGwelding is an easy process to learn than TIGwelding. Both welding processes superheat the parent metals into a liquid state, then using a filler material to fuse the parent metals together. The main differencebetween the two processes is MIGwelding runs the filler material from a wire coil through.

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TIGwelding creates a more accurate, neater look than MIGwelding. However, MIGwelding is easier to learn because it adds its electrodes to the weld.

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Mig vs Tigwelding is a very popular topic in the welding industry. In this researched article we tried to give you a detailed idea about the differencesbetweenMig