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Best Female Anime Characters
Feminists will love these strong animecharacters. From ferocious females to lovely vampire anime ladies, they’re all here in this list of the best female animecharacters found on TV and in film. Along with all of the anime girl names, you'll see which TV show or film they appeared in, their powers and.

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The characters I know that have the Coolest name are Mio Akiyama from K-ON!,Haruhi Suzumiya from TMOHS,Tsubasa Ootori from Metal Fight BeyBlade and the one you can reallllllyyyyy guess!

The Coolest Male Anime Characters - ReelRundown
This list was revised so many times, with names added and deleted repeatedly, until finally my heart was satisfied. Due to the difficulty of ranking these handsome men, I had to cluster the list according to title. It almost turned out to be the anime series with the coolest male characters Hub.

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Top 10 Anime Boy Names List! - Anime Characters Post
Anime spans more genres than perhaps any other entertainment medium, therefore there is a deep well of male animecharactersnames that are rich with lore, characterisation and references to both history and the modern physical world while needless to say sounding badass and inspiring.

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Practically every character in the anime has a ‘cool name’ with a meaning. But most of there names are real names. Or at least names that would not be to